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Understanding the Value of Content Marketing

Understanding the Value of Content Marketing

Content marketing is the best way to improve sales in your online business. To begin with, you are reaching customers where they are, online, and where they can buy what you are selling. The other important aspect to content marketing is selling through not selling.

That’s right. Content marketing improves sales without trying to sell anything. It is like a stealth strategy that customers don’t see coming. People don’t want to be pitched at all day long. Instead, they long for meaningful engagement.

Content marketing engages customers and potential customers without the pressure to buy anything. It is like giving them free stuff before they make a purchase. You share valuable information and give them a sense of belonging to your brand’s tribe without asking for anything (much) in return.

The Value of Membership Content Marketing Delivers
You probably did not go into business to build a community and manage a social group. Ultimately, you have a product or service to sell, and that is how you sustain your business. Unless you operate a fitness club, you may not see the value of membership.

Think of it this way…a sale is a one-time event, but membership is long term. Members of your brand’s tribe, customers, raving fans of your company will bring more than the revenue from one sale.

They will be repeat customers, exponentially increasing the return on your investment to make them customers in the first place.

They will be brand ambassadors, spreading the name of your company everywhere they go.

They will recruit new customers who will also become raving fans and make multiple purchases.

They will be your market research team, giving valuable feedback on your products and services and suggesting new items to add to your line.

They will help you recruit rockstar employees as you grow your business.

It is almost impossible to calculate the value of a loyal customer base in dollars and cents. They are the secret sauce to brand development and business expansion.

Building that Customer Base for Your Brand
Traditional advertising techniques that focus on making a sale look for places where your target audience gathers. The idea is to go to those places, make your offer, and sales will happen. This sales model has limited value.

Content marketing turns this theory upside down. Instead of looking for places where your audience gathers, you are giving them a place to gather — your website. The key, of course, is getting them there.

People are attracted by the information you put out. The words you publish on your webpage draw them in. The goal is to offer so much value in information that your customers stick around. The longer they stay on your website, the more likely they are to buy.

Adding new content frequently keeps customers coming back. It gives them a reason to visit your website on a regular basis. That consistent content also improves your search ranking in Google, so more people can find your website.

Making an investment in content marketing can blow up your business over time. The results start slow, but once the momentum begins, it will grow exponentially. When your website traffic increases, so does your opportunity to generate leads directly from your own platform.

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