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Turn Customers into Raving Fans

Turn Customers into Raving Fans

If you are running a small business, a significant portion of your resources are probably devoted to converting random people into customers. You identify the characteristics of the people most likely to buy your products or services and focus your efforts on helping them see the value you have to offer their lives.

Then, they buy and you move on to the next sale. You are constantly stuck in this place of convincing people to buy. With each new lead, you start over educating them about your product and its benefits. You have the introduction committed to memory.

What if you could get someone to educate potential customers for you? As the owner of the business, you are the best person to talk about the value and benefits of the products and services you sell. Except…there is one person who would be better at it. That is your customer.

A customer, someone who has already purchased from you, not only knows your product from personal experience but is also part of your target demographic. Your customer knows other people just like himself, and he would love to share his positive experience with them.

Where Raving Fans Come From
Raving fans are like customers on steroids (no, not literally). They have such an exceptional experience purchasing from your company that they want to do it again. Beyond that, they connect with your company philosophy and see themselves as part of your brand. They are members of your tribe.

After you convert random people into customers, you can turn them into raving fans with these three easy steps:

1. Provide an outstanding product or service.
There is no shortcut around the quality of what you sell to your customers. If you are going to be successful in business, you must put your heart and soul into your product design and development and don’t let up when it comes to production. It is better to offer one exceptional product than ten average ones.

2. Solve the customer’s problems.
When something goes wrong, and sometimes it does, don’t wait for your customer to ask for a refund. At the first sign of a malfunction, even if it is something beyond your control, step in to help. You need to stand behind your work and the work of anyone else involved in the delivery process. If it was your supplier who came up short, you can make up the difference. When a faulty installation ruins the outcome, fix it, even if installation was not your job.

3. Talk to your customers.
It sounds silly, but you have to communicate with your customers to turn them into fans of your business. Direct communication is the number one thing all humans on the planet want. It validates their existence and makes them feel special. Connecting directly with your customers will seal the deal on their membership in your number one fan club.

Talking to the customers of your online business can be a challenge, but that is what your business blog is for. Each post serves as an individual message directed specifically to one person. The one person just happens to be your ideal customer. By talking to your ideal customer, you are talking to all of your customers because they share many characteristics.

Take advantage of the opportunity to talk to your customers by posting to your business blog frequently. Before long, your customers will turn into raving fans and start recruiting new customers to your business on their own – or with a subtle nudge from you.

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