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Creating Killer Content

Creating Killer Content

A trendy motivational tip for business owners is to remember your “why.” When the days get long and the challenges mount, remembering why you started your business can give you the strength to power through.

The first step to creating killer content is remembering why. Content marketing is the best way to reach potential customers and turn current customers into raving fans. The goal of content marketing is to develop brand recognition, gain the confidence of potential customers and maintain a connection with your customer base.

Content marketing is what makes your website visible to potential customers and drives traffic from social media platforms and search engines. Killer content will attract visitors to your website, and hopefully keep them there long enough to make a purchase, eventually.

These five tips will help you create killer content that fulfills your marketing goals.

1. Start with an intriguing title.
Before you can attract new visitors to your website, you have to offer them something to click on to bring them there. The title is their first glimpse of what your website has to offer. Your title should make readers want to continue reading. It should convince them there is something they need to know and provide a little suspense or curiosity.

2. Deliver one nugget of value.
If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to hold your readers’ attention long enough to make one point. If you try to do more than that, you’ll lose them. People are in a hurry and not interested in settling into a long reading experience. Think of one piece of information you want to share and keep to the point.

3. Use white space to your advantage.
Similar to eating, we read with our eyes first and then our brain. A page of dense text is not at all appetizing. You need to mix in enough white space to make your content palatable. The reader may not have time to dig in, but you could entice him to graze. Break up text with subheadings and bulleted lists whenever possible.

4. Speak directly to your customers.
You know who your ideal customer is, or at least you should. Human beings crave connection. Belonging makes us comfortable. Make your customers feel as if they belong to your tribe. Your content marketing should reach your customers as if you were speaking directly to them. When you talk about your products and services, use the language your customers would use. Address their problems with your solutions because you know exactly what they’re going through.

5. Be consistent.
Most people don’t learn something the first time they encounter it. Repetition is an important educational tool, and the goal of your content marketing is to educate your client base and potential customers. Killer content will develop your credibility as long as your content is consistent. Keep sharing all you know about topics related to your brand; give your readers tremendous value with every blog, every week.

When you do follow these five tips, creating killer content, content that educates, intrigues and engages your customers, is easy.

If you need a jump start, consider outsourcing content creation to Framework Branding. We offer affordable monthly blog subscription services that can take the pain out of creating killer content every week.

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