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4 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

4 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right. This rule, of course, applies to everything in life, especially business. When it comes to business, everything you do costs time, money or both. Not doing it right means throwing away those precious resources.

When it comes to content marketing, you absolutely should be doing it! Avoid these mistakes to be sure you are doing it right.

Stolen Content
Plagiarism is a real crime. Think about how you would feel if someone stole your work product. That is not the worst part of stolen content, however. Only unique content has SEO value for your website, so stolen content is not getting your brand anywhere. Internet users are becoming more savvy, too. If they notice your content on other websites, you will lose some credibility. This is the opposite effect you want your website content to have on your customer base.

*Bonus tip: Just because you got your content honestly – you paid for it – doesn’t mean it is unique. There are unscrupulous content services out there. Watch out!

Piling Up Words
Yes, content marketing is about publishing a volume of words on a regular basis. If all you are doing is heaving a bunch of words out into the universe, however, you are making a big mistake. Incorporating keywords into your content is essential for SEO, but overdoing it will tip the scales against you. Plus, content marketing is an ideal opportunity to communicate with customers and potential customers. Shoveling a pile of words at them is not the way to exploit this situation.

*Bonus tip: Concentrate on communicating with your customers and delivering value with each blog and they will become raving fans of your business.

One Time Efforts
It takes time or money to create the volume of content you need to accomplish your content marketing goals. You are wasting those resources if you do not have a plan to repurpose that content. The same chunk of content can be used in your newsletter, on your blog and in social media posts. The internet is crowded with words, so you cannot expect everyone to see yours. Posting them in multiple places and at different times increases the reach of your content, and, therefore, the impact of your content marketing.

*Bonus tip: Keep track of where and when you post your content with a simple spreadsheet. It will make your content marketing efforts less chaotic. 

Poor Quality
The word “quality” has almost no meaning in this context. Poor quality content could mean anything from bad grammar to repetitive phraseology. It could even refer to content that does not make use of appropriate keywords to entice Google algorithms while it engages human readers. 

Content that is full of empty phrases, grammar and punctuation mistakes, or illogical or poorly expressed ideas is not helpful to your brand or business goals. Many business owners make the mistake of believing that any content is better than none. This is not true. Do not make the mistake of publishing content that makes your brand look bad. If you cannot create professional-caliber content, hire someone who can.

*Bonus tip: Hiring a professional writer is like getting a new hairdresser, check out samples of their work to be sure they are right for you.

It’s okay to make mistakes; you learn from them and move on. Learn from these mistakes that someone else already made and you’ll be moving ahead faster.

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